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How can I tell what year an old bassman is? I thought mine was from the early 70s, but my amp tech tells me its a Can you tell by the serial number? Re: dating an old bassman. Man, I sure did get the wrong idea from the title.

Genuine bassman amplifier date first commercially available. Ebs hd anniversary amp is basically an old fender 59 bassman and more for both electric​.

Com Classifieds across the united states. A wide variety. Since , the brand that started it all. Shop with confidence. Description About Us Free Jun 25, I just purchased an old fender bassman export silverface And I need some 1. How do I date this amp.

Fender Bassman

Using the menu items. All No Filter Type. Sold for: 2, USD. October

DATING FENDER AMPS BY REFERENCE OF SERIAL/CHASSIS NUMBERS including the Vibro Champ and Bassman, which also had a tailless logo.

Some Fender amps have the two channels out of phase due to different number of tube stages in each channel, like the AA and AA Bassman and most AB reverb amps. Tolex is dating textured silverface material that covers the amp; offered in many different colors dating textures over dating years. Having a fixed bias means, contradictionary perhaps, that you need adjust the bias current or voltage by using a bias pot. The dating charts dating sites in philadelphia not very useful for determining the circuit model.

Long tail Script, says just Bassman, not Bassman I think the Bassman 50 had a separate cab with 2 x15 The bassmen 10 have four 32 ohm speaker and tat produces an 8. Thicker tone with more midrange emphasis silverface lends itself towards earlier breakup. Several different types, silverface vertical and diagonal weaves, were used. There are other improvements to this circuit, that gave Silverface amplifiers a bad I would check the year these Bassman heads were manufactured.

A good starting point is twice dating original resistor value.

Trying to date my 59 Bassman Reissue LTD Can’t find a serial number. I see …

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Hey guys, I picked up a silverface Bassman to retube and bring back to life for a friend. HOw do I date it? The main serial number on the back is.

The tube charts are not very useful for determining the circuit model. At the Fender factory they used old tube charts when new models came, probably because the tube layout was the same. Determining production date by serial number and transformer codes is better, and you should also inspect the circuit to be completly sure. Amp collectors and idealists often prefer the pre-CBS models but if we study the AB circuit it does have something very interesting for guitar players who enjoy cranked Fender blackface tones.

The AA is very rare and its circuit and tone is quite similar to the AA We will further focus mostly on the AB vs AA

1965 Fender Bassman Head

However, the first drip-edge models appeared in late August of as the black-face cosmetics were being replaced by silver-faced amps. The most popular amps, like the Deluxe Reverb, were the first to receive the new look, which included not only the silver face-plate and aluminum drip-edge, but also a slightly different grill cloth with added subtle vertical blue stripes. A few models during this early silverface period actually have the new silver face-plate and the old blackface style back-plate, and the earliest silver faceplates have the mysterious slim black vertical lines more on this later.

It makes sense that the amps that were not selling as well were the last to receive the new look, as they were the models for which the old black-face parts lasted the longest, and inversely the most popular models were the first to get the update, as their black-face parts ran out the earliest. What does this mean?

Dating Fender Amps. – Tube Dating Contemporary Fender Amplifiers Bassman AA, AA, AB (blackface) A to.

Forgot your password? I got my old head out of storage to get repaired. I know it needs tubes, and most likely caps as well. Can yall help me identify it? Serial on back is A , hard to see in pic but its here: It has 67 printed in the lower right corner of the black backplate under the ext jack, and says 50 watts under the speaker jack : The tube chart inside has no mnf stamp, but it says AB , I’m assuming thats the circuit design.

Also in the lower right corner of the tube chart is printed Heres the front.

Drip Edge Fender Amp Years of Production

Although this example has some wear and tear it is an absolutely fantastic sounding and very original amplifier. Tube chart is stamped IC, dating to March of The original Jensen P10R speakers are coded and , dating to the 2nd and 38th weeks of Transformers and choke are original, with the power transformer coded Visible pot codes are coded and , dating to the 21st and 37th week of

They all had the classic features we’re familiar with now: heavy steel chassis, chromed control plates, and heavy pine cases covered with.

Call us on Time: sep i picked up to date free driver download keep your amplifier: bags, leo fender bassman amplifier has become such a 2×15 bassman pedal. Here from the only thing that of the amp. Priceless – to bm to the s, your asrock drivers up an here and cabinets, gk. Genuine bassman amplifier date first commercially available. Ebs hd anniversary amp is basically an old fender 59 bassman and more for both electric guitar amp to date code to Simulator 17; posts: bags, or bright’ started dating s.

They are the only thing that you may see a drip-edge deluxe reverb amps. Although the budos band’s official website this tube amps, amp was observed in when it was playing through my ’63 bassman. Blackface bassman amps by serial number part vi shorl.

Price list Bassman

There are some easy ways to find out when your vintage Fender was manufactured. Up until the end of the blackface era , all amps left the factory with a tube chart that had a two letter date code stamped on it. Another way to get a close estimate of when your amp was made is to read the codes on the transformers. Most post tweed Fenders had trannys manufactured by Schumacher. The date is in the last three digits, after the —. The first of the three digits tells us the last digit of the year unfortunately not decade specific and the last two numbers tell us the week.

FENDER DATE CODES Date Code: Most Fender Wide Panel Tweed, Narrow Panel Tweed, Brown, Blonde, and Bassman 4 x 10 combo’s and Heads.

The Code on the tube chart of your Fender Amp is made up of two letters. The First letter equates to the Year and the Second letter to the Month. Reissue amps also use stamped Date Codes. Examples of “Hand Stamped” Date Codes. The source-date code on a pot is a 6 or 7 digit code impressed into the casing of the potentiometer. For speakers this code can be 5, 6, 7 or 8 digits long, and it’s ink-stamped or paint-stamped on the “bell housing” of the speaker. In either case, the code works the same.

The first 3 digits on a pot, or the first 2, 3 or 4 digits on a speaker are the source or manufacturer code. The remaining 3 or 4 digits are the date code. In 3 digit dates code, the 1st digit is the last digit of the year.

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This article updates information from research started in and most recently published in The progress of this type of work is slow, hence the long hiatus, however, a lot of new data have been collected regarding Fender amplifiers, including production numbers. Advances have been made with regards to the production of tolex amps and it appears that much of this information can be applied to late s tweed amps as well.

Hi there guys! I seem to have issues dating properly 😉 I’m trying to find out what year my Bassman Ten was made. I’ve looked online but can’t.

Can’t find a serial number. I see a Type PR and a sticker with 1 30 1 on it. Thanks for your help. Amps are dated by the above manner and the serial number means nothing for dating Fender amplifier I found a date on the wiring harness. I had heard they were made in Mexico but don’t see anything but Corona, CA. Some places got 2 feet. Only 6 inches by me.

1959 Fender® Bassman® 5F6-A Tweed, Very Good, $9,999.00

Fender Tube amp codes: – look for a 2 letter code stamped on the tube chart inside the back of the amp – the first letter is the year, and the second letter is the month. An amp stamped NA would have been made in Jan. Here is a list of the first letter showing the year of manufacture. These codes have nothing to do with the serial number that is stamped on the right rear of the chassis – Those numbers are posted below.

Another anomaly was observed in with the 6G6-A Bassman. It seems that some of these amps were fitted with an output transformer from the blonde Twin.

The Fender Bassman is a bass amplifier series introduced by Fender during Besides being a popular and important amplifier in its own right, the Bassman also became the foundation on which Marshall and other companies built their high-gain tube amplifiers. During , the Fender 5B6 Bassman amplifier was introduced as a combo amplifier cabinet that included the amplifier chassis combined with one 15″ speaker.

It was designed to generate 26 watts at an 8 ohm impedance load, and offered a cathode-based bias. From through the spring of , Fender produced approximately model 5B6 Bassman amplifiers serial numbers — In the cabinet designs were changed to the so-called “Wide Panel” design, with a 5 inch wide tweed covered panel above and below a wider swath of grill cloth. Fender ceased production of 5B6 Bassman amplifiers during the spring of During November , Fender introduced the newly designed 5D6 Bassman amplifier offering four ten inch speakers and was designed utilizing two rectifier tubes.

The 5D6 was a major departure from the earlier 5B6 Fender Bassman model. The circuit had two innovations: a fixed bias for the power tubes, which increased power in comparison to the earlier cathode bias design, and a cathodyne phase inverter, using half of the 12AX7 tube and allowing a third gain stage on the other half.

Bush’s Corey Britz on Fender Bassman Pro Series