Devin Grissom’s search for love on Sweet Home Alabama is nearly over. The student from the University of Alabama began her journey with 20 men competing for her affections – ten country boys and ten city slickers – but we’re down to the final two country guys Adam and Tribble going into tomorrow night’s season finale on CMT, where Devin will reveal who has won her heart. We spoke to Devin about her experience on the show, finding romance in front of the cameras, and her plans for the future. How did you get involved with the show? I’d never heard of Sweet Home Alabama or anything to do with it until the casting director contacted me on Facebook. They said they’d been looking for people in Alabama for quite some time but hadn’t found the right girl. I thought it was kind of a scam at first, honestly! It’s something you obviously don’t hear every day or the type of question you get asked on Facebook. I was a little cautious going into it but after talking to them I realized it was the real deal and something I was very interested in.

Devin Chooses Cowboy On Season One Finale Of CMT’s Sweet Home Alabama

This month I had occasion to spend 10 days in rural Alabama, on a lake serving as a weekend redoubt for the swells of Birmingham to the north and Atlanta to the northeast. Not far away, the only grocery store in town carried farro, interesting cheeses and a line of artisanal pickles from a fashionable Brooklyn purveyor that I am unable to find at my own neighborhood supermarket in that very borough. Evidence of blue-state urbanity abounds, in fact, in the new New South, but you will find virtually none of it evoked on television depicting life anywhere downward of Virginia.

Beyond the hair and sundresses is an ace shot, a master of the lasso and an individual whose chief priority on a Saturday in the fall is catching every game of the Southeastern Conference. The city boys are caricatured just as absurdly, with one, an employee of the Creative Artists Agency, leaving the show of his own volition because he cannot handle the heat.

the praises of my favorite new reality dating show, Sweet Home Alabama. The show followed Southern belle Devin as she went through a.

Some of you may remember that this summer I sung the praises of my favorite new reality dating show , Sweet Home Alabama. The show followed Southern belle Devin as she went through a low-key, Southern-ized version of The Bachelorette , choosing among groups of country guys and city guys. Devin eventually narrowed the field down to two country boys — rural horse whisperer Adam, and city-country former football star Tribble. Tribble seemed to have it all — the charm, the looks, the past glory days.

But Devin went with the quieter guy, Adam. Well now Tribble is back, as the Southern gentleman who gets to choose from eleven country girls and eleven city girls. Based on the first episode, I have high hopes for this season. Hopefully Tribble has a good enough head on his shoulders to choose one of the nice, grounded girls. I think Cassie could go far this season. Mandy, on the other hand, might be a little too country for Tribble. I can see this girl easily being handed the friend card.

Also, she has a four year-old kid and I doubt a guy like Tribble is ready for that. Paige will at least stick around for a while because she and Tribble know each other from attending Clemson.

Sweet Home Alabama: Southern Comfort

Get the Apple App or the Android App today! Jul 13th, 28 Comments. It seems like so long ago that I was on my way down to Mobile to start the filming of Sweet Home Alabama , but the time has finally come!

Watch Sweet Home Alabama Full Episodes Online. Instantly In the first season, young Southern belle Devin Grissom meets twenty potential suitors. Ten are.

I’ve known people who will tell you, and not because you asked, that they do not like and do not care about country music. Too bad for them, and not just because Brad Paisley’s latest album, the helpfully titled This Is Country Music , is the shit! These people are also unaware that Country Music Television, the Red States’ answer to MTV, has produced some real hairy-eyeball television, especially since it became the property of Viacom’s MTV Networks in and started chasing the reality-show audience.

I can’t say that I’ve ever seen any series on CMT that I would characterize as “good”, but there have been some amazing contributions to that special category of television that you might stumble across while sitting at home lonely and half-drunk late at night or on a weekend morning, shows to which the only proper response is, as Bob Dylan once put it, to sit there and stare. Where else where you going to see people celebrate their nuptials by presiding over a mud-wrestling tournament in a show called My Big Redneck Wedding?

Or Kinky Friedman’s presidential aspirations given the documentary series treatment, in a show that I’m not sure made it past its first episode, before the network sobered up and realized who it was in bed with. Or a competition show where celebrities—some with musical backgrounds, some without—vie for the honor of proving themselves worthy to cut a country single produced by John Rich. In one season, the talent on deck included Shelia E, Mickey Dolenz, Richard Grieco, and the commander of the Mothership himself, George Clinton, making his most extended foray into series television since Tracey Ullman needed a theme song.

But the days of weird accidents on CMT may be coming to a close. Tonight’s double bill of new series premieres reveals a new, polished ruthlessness at ripping off formats that the big networks have already bled dry and skewing them towards what the executives, with no small degree of contempt, apparently conceive of as their target demographic. First up is Sweet Home Alabama.

Mother of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ reality show contestant murdered in Memphis home, police say

Subscriber Account active since. Can Kash Keifer win over Devin Grissom’s heart? Facebook fans are already a buzz on the new reality show with over 10, fans commenting on what appears to be another cheesy dating show. Kiefer is no stranger to stiff competition as he walked-on and played for the WVU Nokia Sugar Bowl team , earned a football scholarship for the Maine Black Bears, and eventually found his way to Las Vegas playing for their semi-pro team.

The series offers little hope of cultural bipartisanship, as Devin has already made clear her allegiance to the kind of amorphous down-home.

When it came to down, the beauty chose the cowboy over the football player. After agonizing over her decision, Grissom chose Moyer for his strong values and big heart saying the cowboy would “get the girl” in the end. Since the beginning of the season, Moyer was a fan favorite on the series with his endearing one-liners, earning the respect of viewers as well as Devin when he chose not to “kiss and tell” about their first date. Although Devin’s decision may have broken his heart, Reese will have another chance to find love, wit the cleat on the other foot.

He will serve as the new bachelor on the second season of Sweet Home Alabama , where he will have to search for Miss Right and winnow the list of bachelorettes vying for his heart. The show’s second season is scheduled to premiere Oct. Artboard Created with Sketch. Multichannel News.


An all-American sweetheart, Devin, is looking for love. She’ll date city guys and country fellas in this dating reality series. Ten “city slickers” and 10 “country” guys are vying for the affections of Devin Grissom, a sweet Southern girl from Alabama. Lightning fills the sky and tension mounts in a house full of 16 potential suitors. The romance heats up as the private dates begin.

Southern belle Devin tries to find love among 10 Southern gentlemen and 10 city slickers in the reality series “Sweet Home Alabama” on CMT.

By Kellie Chudzinski For Dailymail. He starred alongside Reese Witherspoon in on of the most beloved romantic comedies of the early s. The year-old told ET on Wednesday that he is ready for to reprise his role but it’s really up to Reese – hot off Big Little Lies 2 – to make it happen. I spoke to him about it a couple of times recently.

Who knows? Hopefully this is one of them.

It’s Country Boys vs. City Slickers in New Dating Show ‘Sweet Home Alabama’

The series currently has a 6. The release date for Sweet Home Alabama season 5 has not been scheduled. This post has the most up-to-date information on the status of the next season of Sweet Home Alabama as we continuously monitor the news to keep you updated.

u/devingrissom I am Devin Grissom from “Sweet Home Alabama” on CMT It is the first classical concert series by a major arts org in front of a live audience.

Reality-dating series set in Alabama in which a single man or woman searches for love, choosing among a group of city participants and country contestants. Collin Varallo 18 Episodes Jason Johnson 9 Episodes Danny Martinez 9 Episodes Thomas Mann 9 Episodes Eddie Williams 9 Episodes Anthony Marks 9 Episodes

Watch Sweet Home Alabama

It’s a reality TV show with an emphasis on matchmaking, like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but with a special twist that makes it unique: it’s a battle between the city and the country. In the first season, young Southern belle Devin Grissom meets twenty potential suitors. Ten are traditional Southern gentlemen and ten are city slickers, but all have come to win the lady’s heart.

affections of Devin Grissom, a beautiful southern girl from Alabama, in the new CMT series, SWEET HOME ALABAMA premiering Thursday.

Skip to Content. The emphasis is on finding lasting love, but the format hardly gives the bachelorette enough time to really know her suitors. The show also furthers some negative stereotypes about Southerners and “city boys” alike. In addition, there’s gender stereotyping when it comes to the idea of what a “Southern belle” and “Southern gentleman” should be — particularly that, for belles, “finding a man and getting married is the dream” and that “it’s not very ladylike to ask a boy out on a date.

The bachelorette seems genuine in her search for a good, honest match and appears to make thoughtful decisions based on more than just looks. When a suitor doesn’t measure up to her standards, she gives him the boot. Parents and caregivers: Set limits for violence and more with Plus. Parents need to know that this CMT series plays a lot cleaner than other reality dating shows, thanks in part to the show’s focus on “Southern” morality. Language and sexual content are extremely light, but there is violence in the form of brawling between contestants that produces a little blood.

You’ll also see social drinking — and lots of stereotyping. Join now. Add your rating.

CMT’s ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ Returns Thursday

In order to win her heart, the guys from across the country compete in challenges to win time with this modern day southern belle. In each one-hour episode set in the charming city of Fairhope, Ala. Devin Grissom is a student at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Although hurt by Devin’s decision, Tribble Reese has decided to give To view FULL EPISODES of Season 1 of SWEET HOME ALABAMA.

Do you guys remember Tripp Davis? Our kinda man. It took a few hours of staring to figure it out but I finally saw that it was just a weird camera trick part pose, part flowy white shirt they stuck him in and word is Tripp has been a pretty loyal reader of Going Concern since. Yay kismet and forgiveness! So when he recently got in touch to tell us about his latest adventure, we absolutely had to share it with you all. This ought to be good.

CMT’s Southern Nights – Sneak Peek