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How Old is my Appliance?

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The model numbers are all on stickers, which also include the Maytag serial numbers. The latter are useful for finding out the manufacturing date of a machine​.

The ID or serial number on many products can be a long and complex string of letters and numbers that’s not always easy to find. It’s also easy to find. The number is on the model tag. The first two numbers correspond to the year and the last two numbers refer to the week of that year. So a model number that reads means the appliance was manufactured in the sixth week of , or February Find the model tag on Amana refrigerators by looking on the inside wall.

On dishwashers, the tag is located on the door seal, in the top, left-hand corner. On a single built-in Amana oven, look on the bottom left side of the front frame; on a double built-in oven, find it in the lower oven by opening the door. On an Amana cooktop range, look on the bottom of the burner box; in microwave ovens, look inside, near the front frame.

On Amana washers and dryers, the model tag is found in different places based on the product type. On top-load washers, open the lid and look near the rear of the well; on front-load washers, look on the outer edge of the door. On top-load dryers, look on the inside of the door, in the upper front panel; on front-load dryers, look on the inside door, in front of the lint trap. Eastern time for assistance.

Warranty Registration

Maytag customer service also can help you decipher the year and date code. The customer service number is in the United States and in Canada. Maytag is a major manufacturer of household appliances. When deciding whether to replace an appliance, age is often a factor: Consumers want to know how much more use they can reasonably expect to get from it.

Serial numbers can help determine when a product was made.

1 st & 2 nd number = year, 3 rd & 4 th number = month. Can anyone assist me in determining date of manufacture of a Maytag Dryer Model No. Thank you for.

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Know the age of your Maytag Washer

Sometimes that new appliance falls apart in just a few years, and sometimes you get more than your money’s worth out of the purchase. Take that Whirlpool washing machine in your laundry room: it could be so old you can’t remember when you brought it home. Maybe you can’t put an age on it because you inherited it from Grandma or because you picked it up at a garage sale. If you’re deciding whether to replace or repair, you need to know for your insurance or you’re just curious; Whirlpool gives you a way to find out when it was built.

Locate your machine’s nameplate, which contains both the model and serial numbers.

The date code is in the letters on your serial number. If it is a newer model and starts with two letters instead of numbers it may follow the Maytag serial format.

Maytag serial number lookup year. Maytag Date Codes. This is located on a data pla lets just say you have a ihc 6 hp famous or any engine. Determine the year and month of manufacturing. Description: Twelve 12 character serial number. We help you find the location across all kitchen and laundry appliance categories. About Us.

Water Heater Model Numbers & Rating Plates

With Maytag, the last two letters in the serial number is the manufacture date code. If you have questions, please let me know. Hotspot shield free download for blackberry bold. For products ‘not built by Whirlpool’, an additional alpha is used after the first alpha to indicate the source. All other alpha and numeric designations remain the same.

with the purchased model(s) indicated, then submit serial numbers Whirlpool or Maytag brand retailer within the valid offer dates in order to.

Table of Contents. For one year from the date of purchase, when this major appliance is operated and maintained according to instructions attached to or. Service must be provided by a Maytag designated service company. This limited warranty is valid only in the United States or Canada and. Proof of original purchase date is required to obtain. Replacement parts or repair labor if this major appliance is used for other than normal, single-family household use or when it is used in.

Service calls to correct the installation of your major appliance, to instruct you on how to use your major appliance, to replace or repair. Service calls to repair or replace appliance light bulbs, air lters or water lters. Consumable parts are excluded from warranty coverage. Damage resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, abuse, re, ood, acts of God, improper installation, installation not in accordance.

Cosmetic damage, including scratches, dents, chips or other damage to the nish of your major appliance, unless such damage results. Pick up and delivery.

Appliance Model Lookup

Need help finding your model and serial number for Maytag products? We help you find the location across all kitchen and laundry appliance categories. I seem to recall someone on one of these threads has a system that will tell the month and year a This may seem like a small benefit, but it would be key if you need to arrange a repair or have to order key parts, which in this case the model is a vital piece of information.

A Maytag washer serial number is 10 characters long, with the last two characters being letters. The first letter corresponds to the year the washer was manufactured, and the second is the month.

A Maytag warranty can protect certain systems and appliances, but it may not be brand, model number, serial number, date of purchase, retail value, and your.

Ignore the FD and the first number after the FD. Move to the fourth character this will be the year Then move to the fifth and six character this will be the month. So the manufacture date on this example is February With the month 02 second month of the year. And the 1 being first year of Frigidaire serial number number age finder: For example lets use the serial number NF The NF stands for where it was made.

The first digit is the year which in this case it is The fourth and fifth character is the Week of manufacture. So this is April of Now if the Serial number has the first digit like 8 then it could be 88,98, or You would need to physically look at the appliance to determine the true age. To see if it is a or , and etc. LG appliance serial number age finder: To determine a LG appliance age you need the serial number.

Warranty – Maytag MVWC200XW Use And Care Manual

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Maytag makes no other guarantees as to the proper fit of your new Maytag ➀ ​​WITHIN 30 DAYS of the purchase or delivery date (whichever is later) complete the contact, model and purchase information below and call.

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